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About Company Halvaye kavir

Here is Farjami's world, land of the best flavors that you've ever tasted. 
you have choosed properly the best, If you are looking for the best biscuits, traditional cookie of yazd (Haji Badam) , cake and Sesame pudding in terms of nutritional value and use of the finest raw materials using expertise and experience. Farjami is the Halva Kavir Yazd company's brand with a proud history in the iran food industry.  
Halva Kavir Yazd company started his job in 1995 and has taken steps toward improving the quality of their products. Halva Kavir Yazd founder, Mr. Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, during the years 1972 to the founding of the company were involved in food production. under The CEO experience, quality has always been the goal of Farjami.Farjami improved the quality of its products and lunched mechanized devices in 2006.
undoubtedly comments, suggestions and constructive criticism you will improve the quality of our products.